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3 Questions You Need to Ask As You Find Your Niche

At first glance, the idea of finding your niche seems daunting. Maybe you’ve heard calls that say things like ‘you need a specific focus in order to succeed,” or "trying too hard will only end up leaving room for failure."

We'll admit-it can feel overwhelming! We know what we're talking about here feels almost impossible - but worry not because we've got this under control (and yes...we did just use an inspirational quote).

S000...You want to find a niche

....but don't know how? Look no further than these three questions. The problem lies with holes in people's understanding of their interests and what drives them as humans beings--those things often translate into incredible opportunities for brands who can tap into those desires without being too pushy or overtaking the person altogether!

1. What Am I Good At?

  • As an expert where do your sills lie?
  • What are you good at?
  • What about your job makes you leap out of bed every morning?
  • Choose your niche for a selfish reason, your skills and desires will help you figure out the rest.

2. Who Will Value Your Expertise Most?

Match your skills, your genius, your desires to the group of people (niche market) who would value that the most.

3. What Problems Can I Solve?

Here is where the magic happens. This is your niche market.

->At the intersection of your unique talents and desires and the folk who would value and enjoy what you do.

->What problems can you solve for these people?

->Nobody buys products or services. They buy outcomes. They buy solutions to problems. What are they asking for help with on social media? What questions are they asking?

->What you do is of secondary importance here.

->The transformation or outcome you bring to your clients matters most.

->What difference can you make?

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